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Ask a Stripper

So I decided to make a Q&A section for the blog. Ask me anything. It can be about work it can be about anything. My favorite color, tattoo artist or even what I like on my Herberts and Gerberts sandwich. I will answer. Hey if it gets popular enough I’ll even make a weekly post of all the questions or a daily question post. So go ahead, ask away!

Seriously ask.

  1. wishuy permalink

    Have you ever fallen whilst on stage? And do some guys expect sex from you and how do you deal with that??

    • Yes I have. Many times. Usually I play it off or joke about it with anyone on the rail. Biggest thing to do with that is not take yourself too seriously. You’re going to slip up- laugh it off and you look like the cool fun girl.

      As far as the sex thing goes, I get asked about it at least a few times a night. I *do* actually know a few co-workers who do turn tricks. When it happens to me I just make it clear that sorry I dont do anything outside of work but if you want a lap dance that’ll blow your mind I’m game.

  2. Monique permalink

    When are you gonna update Maybe This Time?

    • Soon I promise!!! Lately I’ve been working every possible night so like 4+ nights a week. But I’m working on it! Pinky swear!

  3. emeraldjewelsparkle permalink

    Do dancers often end up dating customers and starting relationships with them? And is the stereotype of bikers and dancers being together true?

    • You know what, your first question is a great one so look for it as wednesdays blog post b/c it requires a very long answer. As for you second one…. its not really true in the sense its very common but I am sleeping with a biker now. It does happen, just not all the time.

  4. Mimi permalink

    Do tattoos hinder strippers? Would a girl with lots of tattoos make less than a girl with none?

    • That depends on a lot of things. Placement, what the tattoo is, how well done it is. Also it depends on the customer, some guys love tattoos, others won’t get a dance from a girl who has only one.

      It can hinder a girl in really fancy clubs if she is covered head to toe in tats, they might not hire her. Or it might be harder for her to find a customer who is really into tats but she still can make money. All depends on her attitude, and the customers. And that goes for everything. I’ve seen very over weight girls walk out with hundreds while the Barbie look-a-like leaves with an almost empty purse. A lot of factors play into how much a girl makes.

  5. How many of you are bi-curious or bi-sexual? What are my chances of going to a strip club and getting one of the girls to privately fool around with me and my husband? Or just me? (I am a hot and sexy woman that looks in her 20s rather than 30s.) Do those type things happen in the club, or do you have to go somewhere private? What is the best, and most respectful way to make this happen? Btw, we tip well, usually to every girl that dances, and usually get lots of attention in front of the stage…

    • I cant say for sure how many women are but given the nature of the industry most are most likely a bit bi-curious. As far as messing around in the club I’d say that’s a no-no always because it technically would be prostitution in that case. The exchange of money and sexual favors. You might be able to find it but the girls who would be willing are most likely girls who also turn tricks on the side. If you are getting a lap dance the dancer will be able to touch your breasts and dance on you as she would be able to touch a mans chest and dance on him in a lap dance (this is for most clubs, rules vary by club).

      Tipping makes strippers happy so it makes me happy to hear you do! Good luck and hope I helped at least a bit!

  6. shinebright permalink

    Love your blog!!!!!!!! Just wondering if I should give up on Maybe This Time?

  7. Doug permalink

    What is a polite way to decline a dance? I tip the dancers while onstage and they come down asking for more. I don’t want to seem rude, but some just are not appealing.

    • To me if I sit and chat with a guy for ten minutes and he refuses a dance that’s ok as long as he’s not an ass. Be nice about it and I’d even go as far as to offer to tip her for her time. Every song she sat talking to you is a song she could have been making money. This goes especially if she’s spent more than a few songs talking to you. Always remember she doesnt get a base pay so her time is literally her money- if you cant or dont want to pay for it that’s fine just be up front and polite.

  8. just a question permalink

    I had my first lap dance and I did not know what I could do and not do. I had a couple people tell me I could touch her vagina ect please help

    • oh for the love of all that is holy do not listen to whoever told you that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      No, no, no. If you are ever unsure of the rules POLITELY ask the dancer. most clubs are no touch. Check out the two posts I wrote about club do’s and don’ts.

      Remember if you are ever in doubt ask the dancer! And please don’t touch anything w/o her express permission. One its sexual assault and two it’s most likely considered prostitution.

  9. Is there any way I could email you? I am doing a paper on vocation and would love to send you some interview questions! I can post the set of questions on here easily enough, but the replies may be pretty lengthy. Whatever you would prefer doing I would be fine with, and if you’d rather not be in my paper that is perfectly fine as well! Thank you!

    • Hi Lenny- if you want to go to my twitter (@not_one_story) and PM me I’ll send you my email. I’m not promising I’ll be able to help but I’d love to talk more!

      • I think you may need to follow me to be able to receive any private messages (though I could be wrong). My twitter is Lenny_the_bamf

        Thank you so much!

  10. chris permalink

    I’ve asked some girls what they think is small size for a guy..I’m usually smaller than what they do I get a stripper to do small penis humiliation.

    • I’m not going to lie- I’d say go to a dominatrix. That’s more their job than mine. However you can POLIETLY ask a dancer if they can do that and if they say no you POLIETLY go along with that. If she says no dont push it. Don’t be a rude bastard. Remember if she can do that it’s outside her normal job range so you better tip and tip very well.

      Again I’d say go to a dominatrix. Humiliation and such are really more of a Dom thing, not really a stripper thing.

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