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I’m just a college stripper who got sick of hearing all the bad parts about a job that pays the bills while giving me time to study. So I decided to tell my story. Why not after all, I’m not ashamed of my job nor am I exploited by it in any way. So here I am, ready to explain how a nice girl from a nice family ended up wiping down a pole in six inch heels three nights a week.

Be warned I’m bluntly honest and here very open. Take a look inside.

  1. I personally have never looked at anyone in a negative light participating in this line of work. I say good job!!! I feel one should never judge the situation as they would not know it… I have known women leaving a high society career for stripping as it is much more profitable…
    In the end I say keep up the good work!!! 😉

  2. Aphrodite permalink

    Nice from you that you ‘liked’ my post. And I think I might have discovered a new interesting blog.
    Not surprisingly, I’ve never saw ‘stripping’ as a degrading job.

  3. It’s nice having someone else who “gets it” – Thank you!

  4. ashlevirain permalink

    This is after reading about a post of Disrupting Dinner Parties, a post called “why are lesbians so biphobic” and I have to comment about how harmful those stereotypes are, from one queer person to another.

    Being on that website and reading that, I can honestly say that even though yes, what Luz Delfondo says is probably true and that she does know some women who were confused with their sexuality until later on in life. I can tell you that pretty much every lesbian will read the post and be annoyed with it. Because it’s not necessarily true. I don’t know where in the world some people get the idea that “women’s sexuality is fluid” but TONS of women no matter the orientation would be VERY insulted by that. For most of us, our sexuality is absolutely NOT fluid. I mean sure maybe for SOME men and women it is, but for most men and women it’s not. And why don’t those people talk about men’s sexual fluidity? Right? It could be just as true for them. There could very well be an equal number of fluid men and women, and an equal number of men and women who are not. (and their have actually been recent studies and scientists that have decided to find out about the “sexual fluidity of men” and have found that they’ve had the same results as women. So I guess that shows that an equal number of men and women are fluid) But anyway, still, being in the queer community for so long, I can tell you that every gay woman I have met have flat out said that the idea of going to bed with a man or seeing one naked, is gross to them. They like and love men as family and friends of course, but as romantic interests…. definitely not. And a lot of these women came out as teenagers, and now most of them are in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s but guess what? Nothing about them has changed! They are still gay. And still feel no attraction to the male gender. But what’s sad is that that has to be explained. It should be common knowledge already. Sexuality (for the MOST part and for most humans) does not change. We are who we are, and for most of us, it’s hard-wired. Fortunately what Luz describes as people saying that to her is only a VERY small minority of them. And most of them are just bitter chauvinists who are annoyed that many women are not attracted to them. But MOST people are not ignorant and understand that a person’s sexuality is something that is a part of you for life. Nothing changes. 🙂

    • I haven’t read that specific post so obviously I can’t comment on it’s content. As a bisexual queer woman I can say I have found a lot of biphobia to exist in the LGBTQ community which is always sad and distressing. I won’t questions anyone else’s sexuality- it’s their right to define.

      I think that people have the right to define and explore their sexuality- sometimes a person may change how they identify as they discover more how they feel. I know several friends who came out as lesbian/gay/bi and as they felt more comfortable with their feelings and exploration changed their definition to bi/gay/lesbian.

      While for many people sexuality may never change or waiver refusing to allow the idea of fluidity makes it harder to people to explore themselves to their full comfort.

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