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Therapy Again

December 18, 2014

The 22nd I have another therapy appointment with my parents. It’s a bigger one. Tomorrow I’m going to challenge them, see if we can move on or if family therapy is a waste of time. Sadly I strongly suspect it’s going to be the latter.

I can live with my parents hating my choices. It’s a sad side effect of what I do. Choosing your own happiness is never easy and is never super fun- somebody is always pissed. That’s just part of life. However most of those people can still respect you.

I don’t think my parents can. At least not right now. It’s a hard reality to deal with- those of you who follow my thoughts will have seen a continuing trend when I talk about my parents. Seesawing back and forth between how I want to handle it. My parent’s are good people but not necessarily good for me. That’s an important distinction. They have major flaws- are often problematic but they are good people.

That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily healthy to keep them super involved in my life right now. They are no longer my emergency contact- they haven’t been for about two years. My roommate is. I’ve been planning to meet with a lawyer to set up a will and all that junk to insure that my wishes are written down and legally enforceable.

As some of you know I am a practicing Wiccan. My parents are Christian. That’s alright- they know I’ve changed my religious beliefs from what I grew up with. However say something were to happen to me, say I died, I don’t know if they would honor my beliefs. I plan on having my roommate be the executor of my will to make sure these are followed if anything happened.

The fact that I’m thinking of these things is proof enough to me to that something needs to drastically change. If they can somehow begin to change from where they are at now I want to continue therapy with them. However if they can’t I’m going to stop. It’s not helpful to me and I have much better things I can do with therapy than sit and have the same pointless conversation that gets us no where.

It’s better to be honest about our relationship- what there is of one. It’s ok to remember the past and be honest about the future. Even if that means less of a relationship than we had. At least it’ll be honest.

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