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To My Body

November 17, 2014

A Letter to my Body


Dear Body,

Dear physical form I live in, thank you. I don’t tell you this enough. In fact often I tell you the exact opposite. I complain about you, I gripe about you and I’m not always kind to you. So I’d like to take a minute to say thank you.

To my hair, you are often like me. Neither one of us like to listen much. We’ll pretend to do what we’re told before going off and doing what we intended anyway. That’s ok. You’re healthy and when we decide we agree you give me that extra bit of confidence I need.

To my eyes, you are open and bright. You help me communicate with the help of my brows when my words cant. Or you add that extra little umph my words need with your expression. You help me show desire and want, anger and pain, joy and ecstasy. You connect me to the world around me.

To my lips, you form the words I speak sharp and pointed or caressing and gentle. You are both modest and sensual depending on what desire is shown. You help me taste a lovers kiss or a indulge in a perfectly cooked meal. You show case my laughter and explain my intentions. You help me smile and seduce.

To my face, you show the world how I feel, you provide the surface for my eyes, mouth, ears, nose. You help me draw in the world around me to be dissected and understood.

To my breasts, I complain about you, I say you’re too small, the wrong size. You’re not. You’re gentle rises that fit the rest of my body. You’re perky and beautiful. There’s nothing wrong with you and I can always find your size in the store.

To my stomach, you have a little extra that the world tells me I should shed. An inch or so of softness that I’m told should be sculpted away and hardened out of existence. That message is wrong, you are the gentle curve of my waist that flows to my hips. You are a soft place for a lover to rest their hand. You are the smooth skin for my hand to glaze over as I rest in bed. You are a place for a future to grow. You are just fine the way you are.

To my legs, my arms, you are strong, you lift me, carry things for me. You provide me a foundation and a reach. You are amazing.

To my hands, you are gentle enough to caress a lover and strong enough to do anything. You grasp the world and even more powerful a pen. You create and you learn.

To my feet, you dance. You bring me pleasure through movement. You glide me across a stage. You carry me on amazing journeys. You show me new places. You’ve taken steps Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Thank you body. You have your faults, you ache at times and at other times you decide not to work but your mine and I love you.


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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this, it touched me in a very healing way!

    Glad to see you’re still writing & posting!

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