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Impress me

July 29, 2014

A few weeks ago now we had a large group of military men at the club which was nice- lots of money. For the most part they were wonderful men. They’d just finished a few weeks of training and were ready to spend some cash and have some fun. A combination I like more than just a little bit.

It was a slow Wednesday night so the club was largely empty except for them so you can guess where I spent my time. They were fun. I think I danced at least once with at least half of the men in the 15-20 guys. Toward the end of the night I went up to one of the men and asked if he was ready for round two.

“Impress me.” He said with a slight smirk on his face.

“Why?” I asked after a moments pause.

He looked confused but managed to reply, “because I have money.”

“So?” I asked, “There’s only one of me in this club. Only one woman who looks and moves like me in here. There’s hundreds of you- hundreds of men with money just waiting for a bit of my attention and are willing to pay for it. Why should I try to impress you? There is a line of men like you waiting for a lot less who will pay for a lot more. You don’t matter.”

I honestly didn’t have the intention of being harsh or even a bit mean. I just really wanted to challenge his idea that I should do anything out of the ordinary for the crumpled twenty-dollar bill he had in his pocket.

I don’t mind doing my job. I love it. I’m grateful to all of my customers because they provide me the funds I need to scrape out a living and an existence. They pay for my rent, my food, my car in exchange for my company and my dancing. I just don’t like the idea that I owe the men and boys who come in anything above and beyond my job.

The way he said impress me implied that me at my job how I typically conduct myself wasn’t enough and I wanted to challenge that idea. So I did.

He didn’t get a second round of dances from me but I do believe he paused to think. At least I hope he did.

Remember you are paying me for a service you can’t provide for yourself- I am a professional and I do deserve respect for that.

  1. Brian permalink

    Bah.. I don’t think your reaponse was too harsh at all. To me he was seeing you as someone with no pride or self respect, willing to do anything for the all mighty dollar instead of a woman trying to make a living. It was probably his loss.

    • My ego will agree with you and say it was most definitely his loss 🙂 as much as I like the money even I have my limits.

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