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Food for Thought

June 25, 2014

“People often say ‘stop being angry and educate us’, not understanding that the anger is part of the education”
~quote from Toni D’osray from her tumblr

I love this quote because it reaches to the heart of an issue. People who are harmed have a right to be angry that they have been harmed. before demanding another person educate you- educate yourself. Make an effort and after that ask respectful questions while understanding that anger is a part of your learning.

If you meet me at work and ask respectful questions about my work I will answer respectfully in turn. I don’t expect you to whip out your phone and google in front of me. That’s a bit silly. However, I might call you out on something you say. I will try to do it respectfully. I might not though. I might get angry or annoyed, I’ve probably heard the exact same thing more times than I can count and I might be annoyed by answering.

Remember this I am not obligated to answer anything- about my job, my sexuality, my sex life or my family. I understand people are curious. I’m a curious person. That doesn’t mean I can always answer questions or want to answer questions.

If you meet me outside of work I might even be less obliged to answer. If you know what I do before you ask and you do no research before talking to me. I’m going to be annoyed as hell. Seriously google. Even if you get wrong information (there’s an ass ton out there) I’ll appreciate the effort. I might roll my eyes at the wrongness of the shit you found but I’ll understand.

There might be days where it doesn’t matter who you are- days I’m tired of answering questions. I’ll try to be nice and say not now. When I do that, LISTEN! sometimes we all get tired. I cant always be an educator and I dont always want to be an educator. That’s my right.

Even when I choose to answer questions I might get angry. Anger is apart of learning. Listen to it. It will educate you too.


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  1. Brian permalink

    A lot of questions you are asked, I am sure, are asked 5 nights a week. It is sort of like asking a soldier, firefighter, cop or EMT what is the worst thing they have seen. It gets asked often and the responses can get a bit angry. I get where you are coming from here.

    • Thank you for reading and responding! the most annoying ones are the ones I’m asked outside of work that would seriously take two seconds to google.

      • Brian permalink

        Haha, I don’t even want to know what people ask. I found this place by googling something and got all the answers I needed on enjoying a strip club and even answers on the “subculture” that lies within the walls of a club. Although, I still find the “subculture” aspect interesting. With only two lifetime trips to a club, the same club on back to.back nights… yeah, I am not an expert. 😉

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