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Bad Dancers are Worse than Bad Customers

June 20, 2014

So this weekend I’m working at a club about an hour away from my home town/club. Since I booked Thursday through Saturday I decided to just stay about twenty minutes away from the club. I mention this specifically because tonight I almost walked out of my whole booking. I didn’t because I already paid all of my travel expenses.

Completely off topic- I’m watching Freedom Writers as I type this up. This movie always makes me cry. Seriously EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Anyway back to why I almost walked out. It wasn’t the club, it wasn’t a customer. It was another dancer.

I’ve been dancing for two years now. There are certain etiquette rules between dancers that basically boil down to don’t fuck other dancers over. There’s a few things involved in this.

ONE- don’t come up to another woman’s stage set unless specifically invited by a customer. IF you do come up you tip or super sell the girl on stage. You do NOT come up and steal guys from the stage or distract them. That’s taking money and attention away from the woman on stage.

TWO- don’t interrupt conversations. If a dancer is CLEARLY engaged in a conversation with one or a few customers do NOT insert yourself in the conversation. Again taking attention = taking money.

THREE- don’t undersell another dancer IN FRONT OF HER. AKA if the club doesn’t have a set lap dance price and a girl gives her price DON’T SAY “oh well I only charge (ten bucks cheaper)” SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FLYING FUCK.

In case you haven’t pieced this together some bitch did all three of these things to me tonight.

1st was the stage thing. Which is something I could have let go. I’ve only been at this club two other times before. Drama is not my game one small slight I can let go. Whatever we’ve all fuck up once or twice.

After my stage set I’m talking with the group that had been tipping me on stage. We were working out the 4 of us doing a VIP room. How VIP works at this club is the bar gets 50$ for ever 15mins, the dancer negotiates her fee. I was about to sell them a half hour at 100 a guy. Way cheaper than what they’d pay in lap dances and I’d still come out 200 ahead. I was more than happy with that. I’m about to close the deal and this same bitch throws herself in the group talking about how she wants a drink.

I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT YOU WANT. Again I let it go. She annoyingly and inappropriately suggests the two of us doing do a VIP with the guys. At this point I don’t want to go anything because I don’t want to look like a heinous bitch and ruin all chances at money.

I pull her aside so we can decide on an amount. I want to do a lump sum, way easier than by song. OH NO we cant do that. That’d be awful. So we bring the guys over to finalize shit. He doesn’t have enough for what she’s trying to do and he’s maxed out his card. I try to say this. Try to rework it for 15 mins. I also try to show how awesome the deal is because hey it’s cheaper than lap dances. At this club I do no touch 25, touch 40. (The boyfriend and I talked about what we’re comfortable with.) After I say this she goes “Well I charge 30 for touch.) EXCUSE ME WHAT IN THE ABSOLUTE FUCK.

She’s being a bitch and I’m just done with it. He doesn’t have enough for the bs she’s trying to do and I don’t want to throw a fit. I don’t throw a fit in public. It’s crass. So I just excuse myself.

I got screwed out of 200 bucks. AKA all my travel expenses. This club is by a lake- lots of cabins. Friday and Saturday’s are busy. Weekdays are slower. I figured I’d come a day early. Pay all my travel expenses Thursday night have some fun during the day and work my ass off for profit. I did that tonight and it was stupid slow. I could have made fucking descent PROFIT tonight.

Fucking bitch. I have never been treated with that much disrespect by another dancer. NEVER. I’ve never talked to an owner about a personal problem with another girl. If I see another girl doing extra’s- yes. After I’ve been established at a club for a decent amount of time. I ended up talking to the owner because I planned on confronting her after work. I’m sorry but that shit don’t fly. He said he’d handle it. I really hope he does.

I’ll be ok, as long as she doesn’t talk to me and stays out of my way.

Because seriously, seriously? Stupid people piss me off. Stupid dancers are even worse.



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  1. Oh, honey, I feel your pain! It boils down to people with a scarcity mind set. I’ve always believed there was more than enough money for everyone so there was no reason to be scandalous. Other girls mistakenly believe that if you’re doing well, it’s somehow takes away from them so they have to try to move in on your customers to either piggyback on your hustle or derail it. So small minded! I’m sorry that happened to you & I hope it gets resolved. It’s one of the reasons I preferred escorting over dancing: I had far less contact with “competition”. The strip clubs I worked at had an environment with the other girls that reminded me of middle school catty-ness amped to the max due to alcohol consumption. Uck.

    • I think it got resolved. Exactly- I get that not every guy is into me. I’m not into every guy. That doesn’t mean I fuck with another girls money. There is a lot of catty-ness. that’s exactly the right word. Usually it can be avoided but not always. I love my job dont get me wrong but every now and again I really hate my co-workers. However I think it got taken care of.

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