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Baby I’m Back

June 10, 2014

Well not completely. I’m not ready to write full posts yet. Life has been majorly kicking me in the ass lately and I’ve neglected this blog. I’m sorry about that. I’m working my way through everything and hopefully will write about them soon. However for the time being, I do have a little thought. 

I’m a huge klutz. Epically so even. However when I drink I really pay attention to this because people always take my normal klutzy as drunk klutzy and wont give me any more wine. Why do I bring this up? I’m lying in bed, sipping a drink, deciding whether or not to masturbate and I develope a hole in my lip and spill on my vibrator. I do this all the time stone cold sober (well minus the vibrator part) but had anyone seen it they would have attributed it to the booze. 

Oh well, the wine awaits and calls. 

Just remember I’m back!


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  1. Brian permalink

    Welcome back! Hopefully the ass kicking life’s givin ya is a minor one, with oppurtunity to learn and grow. I am going to my first strip club in a week or so.. any tips or advice from your standpoint as a dancer?

    • I’ve done a couple of etiquette posts in the past on advice for customers and first time dancers. Biggest thing is bring money, don’t be a douche bag and remember most importantly you are paying these women for a service. They are the experts- not you and they deserve and demand to be treated well.

      • Brian permalink

        Hahaha.. found your etiquette posts right after posting. I enjoyed my visit and met a few interesting gals. Right when we walked in a lady chatted us up and ended hanging out and bullshittin the night away. She turned down tips during our bs sessions, which I found strange, lol. She did mooch a cigarette and bought me a couple of beers. All and all, I would go back. Figured I would let ya know your etiquette posts set me in the right direction. Thanks!

      • I’m so happy to hear that! It works best for everyone when everyone is polite and out to have fun. I’m thrilled that I helped you enjoy your time!

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