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March 7, 2014

An amazing post about sex work and how “rescuing” sex workers is more harmful than beneficial. Actually it doesn’t help at all. Read and enjoy- Show the author some love!

Sex workers are #notyourrescueproject: Rape by anti-trafficking NGOs & stigma by feminists.


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  1. That was supposed to say… Definitely makes for sad reading… Thanks for putting the link up.

    My laptop is shit, sorry.

  2. Have you been visited by the Love Justice church group yet?

    • No not yet. I dont actually know about them. Do they do what it sounds like they do?

      • They go out in groups to the clubs (men stay in the car & pray) an the women bring pizza and pray for an with the women (dancers) they meet. I don’t know if they give them resources of any kind but I’ve heard that’s the gist of what they do

      • I could deal with the pizza. If done respectfully and politely i/e they offer and if someone asks they don’t pray for that person they listen I can even deal with the praying. It’d be interesting to meet them.

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