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Sexy Bodies and Cool People

February 4, 2014

Alrighty peeps repeat after me- I am a sex worker, I deserve respect for being human.

“But D.” you say, “We get it. This point has been talked about. A lot. By you.”

I know, I know. But it’s important so we’re going to talk about it again.

At work I get relatively naked on a stage and men pay me. Pretty cut and clear. If they want me to perform privately for them they can pay for that and it can happen- at my discretion. Cool.

Where in that process is the customer granted the right to objectify me? Where is it my fault if they choose to do so?

“But D. you’re naked on the stage? How can they not?”

Ok no. No. No. No.

This goes back to the whole boys will be boys idea. Make sure Sally covers up so Billy isn’t distracted.

This is awesome

This is awesome

Wait what?

Sally should cover up because Billy cant control his attention span?

How about this- Sally does whatever the fuck she wants and Billy learns that Sally is a person and he needs to police himself because he’s a big boy. Think if the roles were reversed.

“Mrs. D. your son Billy cant wear a tank top and shorts in the summer. His hairy legs and muscled biceps made it impossible for Sally to concentrate in school. He has to cover up.” Says the school principal.

“Look at her- that’s Mrs. D- Billy’s mother. Ugh she lets him go to school wearing next to nothing. Suzie came home the other day talking about that boys arms and how he shows them off in class. Shameful. How can she let him do that? That boy will be trouble. Bad parenting and all.” Says the condescending school mom to all the other school moms.

Ok now sub the male bits and put in female bits. Sub arms for legs, tank top for short skirts and shorts or tight shirts or whatever it is you were shamed for wearing or shamed others for wearing. This happens all the time.

I'm so distracted- make him cover up now.

I’m so distracted- make him cover up now.

Wait this is still ok? It’s 2014 people!

“But D. your job is sexual- it’s different.”

Is it? Sure people see me in a sexual nature. That’s ok- I’m a sexual person. They can see me in a sexual way and still see me as a person with complex ideas, emotions and motives.

You can see me sexually and still see me as a person.

Trust me I do it all the time. People are sexy and people are persons too.

If you cant look at a person naked without objectifying them that’s your problem not mine.

One last thing before I go Google pictures for this post.


There is nothing wrong with selling sex. However, I don’t sell sex, I sell the idea of sex, the fantasy and the privilege of my semi nude company.

Friday night a customer I’ve danced for several times said he didn’t always like buying dances because it was like buying a gourmet dessert and not getting to eat it.

That right there friends is some bullshit.

I’m going to keep going with this example because I love dessert and sex can be like dessert (aka AMAZING).

So you go to a restaurant and you order dessert. If the waiter brought you your triple chocolate fudge cake and ice cream and told you that you couldn’t eat it you’d be pissed off.

“I ordered this dessert.” You’d say, “If I order food I get to eat it! That’s how a restaurant works.”

You wouldn’t have gotten what you expected and what you paid for.

Well guess what- I’m not dessert. You don’t buy a dance expecting to be able to sleep with me. If you do you’re an idiot. A really stupid idiot.  Like seriously that amount of stupid should hurt.

It’s like going to see a movie or a play- you purchase a ticket (aka lap dance) to see the entertainment and to enjoy yourself. You don’t expect to take the play or movie home- you know you cant.

Same with a lap dance. You buy one to enjoy my company and the entertainment I offer- you get what you expect and what you pay for.

Guess what its not me in your bed.

Bye now.

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