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Stripper Tip #4

January 29, 2014

Stripper Tip #4


I had a question about this in my ask a stripper section so I thought I’d do a quick run down here.

Getting your first lap dance- What not to do.


This is the biggest one. If you feel that you cannot help yourself and must touch her- DON’T. Ask first. More importantly respect her wishes if she says you cant. Touching after she said no is SEXUAL ASSAULT. Which is always a no-no. A big no no.

Don’t be a dick.

Doesn’t that sound easy? It should be really easy. It really should be. However this is one of the most common lap dance mistakes. If your dance whispers dirty things in your ear you can probably say something of a suggestive nature back.

Saying “I want to pound that pussy so fucking hard” is not ok. It never will be ok.

Let the dancer take the lead. She’ll set the boundaries of what she’s comfortable with.

Don’t sit there and open and close your mouth with your eyes closed.

This is actually something I see all the time.  Shit you not.  I don’t get this. It’s weird and it’s kinda creepy. The only thing this does is guarantee that my tits are coming nowhere near your face.

Seriously nowhere near your face.

At all.


It’s just creepy. Don’t do it.

Finally a do-

Do tip! I know you just coughed up the money for the dance. I know you think that you paid enough. Here’s the thing. Some clubs take a bit of the lap dance money. Or VIP room money if you did a VIP room.

So you had a dance and you enjoyed your time with the dancer. GREAT! Tip her roughly 25% of what the dance cost. Example- you had a twenty-dollar lap dance, give her an extra five. It wont break your bank but it’ll make her feel good. She’ll remember you and will be excited to talk to you next time you come in.

So go! Have fun! Don’t creep out your local strippers!


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