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Sh*t People Say to Strippers

December 10, 2013

Ok we talked about what people say to strippers outside of the strip club. Let’s talk about what people say to strippers in the strip club. Just because we can and in all honesty- it’s fucking hilarious.

“So are those real?” (I have size A cup tits. THEY DON’T SELL THEM THAT SMALL)

“So what’s your real name.”

“So you’re a hooker?”

“You can’t be a feminist.”

“You must feel so degraded.”

“I don’t normally come to places like this. I’m a good person.”

“You must be such a naughty girl.” (I am but not with you.)

“Can I touch you?”

“Why can’t I touch you?” (Instant follow up.)

“But I want to touch you.” (I don’t care.)

“You must be a prostitute.”

“You must have no self respect any more… I love that in a girl.” (Wait WHAT?)

“I bet you’re a dirty little slut in bed.” (Hello!!! None of your business.)

“Can I touch?”

“You’re so hot.”

“So how much for you to come back to my hotel/appointment/house with me?”

“You’re too good for this place.” (No I’m too good for you.)

There are so many others I could put in here but that would take way too long and let’s be honest- I got finals to study for.


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  1. Good luck on your exams!

    • Thanks! I’ll need it. I’m hitting the books now.

      • Aphrodite permalink

        Lots of these proclamations can be compared to my situation.
        Well, not about the -‘touching’ parts per se, but also on self-respect, feminism, my real name, degradation.
        Another thing that people would say to people like me, hookers, is:
        ‘You’re too beautiful to be a prostitute.’
        And then I think: Well, most hookers have a decent level of sexual attraction.
        And no one is ‘too beautiful’ to be a hooker. Where do they get that from?
        As if an appearance can predict a decent/indecent behavior 😉
        Another saying:
        Once, I client told me: ‘I know what you are, but I really don’t consider you a hooker.’
        And I could only think: Okay, as what do you see me, than?

      • I get the whole “I know you are a stripper but I cant see you as a stripper” ALL the time! My answer is the exact same as yours- Ok… how do you see me?
        The similarities are so parallel.

  2. A certain someone permalink


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