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I love my job

November 15, 2013

I love my job. I really do.

Lets talk about some of the reasons why.

I love how I feel about my body now. I used to be self-conscious about various things.  My height, my breasts, my sturdy athletic build. I’m not any more. I know exactly what I like about my body and of course there are a few things I don’t love but I’m ok with them.

I’m more assertive as a human being and as a woman. I stand up for myself now. I did before but I used to let some things slide. Not little things, bigger things. I let people say disrespectful things about me as a woman or me as a queer woman or about people in general. I don’t any more. I stand up for myself with out thinking twice about it. I take ownership of myself as a person and myself as a political entity.

I love the challenge of the job. I’ve said time and time again and I will continue to say it but stripping is not easy work. You have to know how to read people. You have to be able to read what they are looking for- company, conversation, the party girl or what ever it is. On top of that you have to figure out if you can be that. And you also have to be able to accept that you cant always be that.

Some nights people come to me needing help. They are sad, lonely or maybe they just need to talk. I get to listen to them- be a silent, half naked confidant. There are nights I truly feel like I’ve helped someone some how. I think that that’s a very hard concept to understand or even grasp if you’ve never worked in the industry.

My job is a work out. In heels.

Enough said.

I get to meet interesting people and have conversations with out any of societies laws constricting the flow of thought. I get to challenge myself while having fun and making some money… why wouldn’t I love it?

  1. Makes me want to be a stripper too 🙂

    • I would never say never try. If you and hubby talk about it and are ok with it and it wouldnt hurt your professional life to try it I say go for it.

      • It would take baby steps and a move to a different place, but I could see myself doing it, if only briefly. It would also give me excellent motivation to stay in shape and looking good, which is important to me.

      • I think its something most women could benefit from trying, if only it were more socially acceptable that is. There are a lot of benefits if you can handle the negatives.

  2. I love this and couldn’t agree more. A friend of mine was telling me recently about how I have done a complete 180 in terms of confidence within the last 6 months, and I can’t help but think that has to do largely in part with being able to go up in front of an entire club and show your body, as well as going up to complete strangers and striking up conversation throughout the night. All half naked and in 6″ stilettos.


    • Not only do we strike up conversations in heels we can pretend we actually give a damn! We are very special ladies. 🙂 We figure out what we dont like about ourselves and we get over it.

  3. Aphrodite permalink

    I’ve always admired strippers, and certainly the ones who can dance.
    I’ve though of becoming a stripper/dancer, but my body won’t let me.
    It’s not that it’s weak, but not strong enough to handle such a heavy workouts.
    Sometimes I hate it, because I’m athletic an very active by nature.
    You know, I’m such a person who likes to jump around in her house but then curses her bad knee 😉
    And of course, the social aspect is something I recognize too, in my job.

    • You work as an escort correct? I’m not a natural dancer by any means but I’ve managed to learn. I think the hardest part about my job is not the dancing but the talking and selling the idea of sex part. it’s a tough job but one I love as the post says.

      • Aphrodite permalink

        Yes. My job is escorting. But contrary to your idea, i don’t have a problem with the idea of selling sex. In my case I most often worry about the non-sexual aspects. F.ex. how to remain interesting for my client, not only sexually. I wrote a post once on adult entertainment. And how I see my job as show.

      • I don’t have a problem at all with selling sex. It’s just not my job in the club. Escorting in a club setting makes it harder for girls who don’t escort to earn their money. Outside of the club where escorting is the job I have no problem.

  4. Aphrodite permalink

    Then I misunderstood you 😉
    I thought you’re talking about the generalized notion of selling sex. But thanks for clearing that up.

    • No not at all. The only problem when people sell sex itself in the club is how can a girl who doesnt sell sex sell a lap dance for 20 dollars when another girl is selling a blow job for the same price. Not selling sex in the club itself just makes things more fair for everyone

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