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Hit Me Life- Just One More Time

November 6, 2013

Have any of you dear readers ever had a space of time where it just became a great shit meet fan moment? But it lasted for a few weeks?

Well that’s been my life the past three weeks and that is my apology for my awful lack of posting.

Let me catch you all up.

So three weeks ago my house was broken into. My front door was kicked in and about a months rent was stolen. No electronics, none of my dance stuff which is worth quite a bit- just the fucking rent money. They kicked in our door and violated our privacy and our sense of security.

So fuck those people who did that.

It also took us until just Friday (a few days ago) to get a new front door.

So fuck my landlords while I’m on to people who can get bent.

On top of that work has sucked. I haven’t had a good night in a long ass time. I also haven’t been able to work as much because of school stuff in an equally long time. Either way the whole cash flow thing… yeah it’s sucked.

So customers can get bent.

My car is breaking down. Yep, transmission might be going. I really can’t afford a new car or car repairs right now.

So my car can go get bent. Actually if it could hold off on that, I need it to run nicely until I get my tax return. Hopefully I’ll be able to afford a down payment on a better car. I’m wanting to buy a bug.

A close friend of my boyfriends committed suicide so I spent the weekend at the funeral. It was a rough weekend to be honest.

Lately its felt like just one thing after another with no recovery time in between.

Seriously I’m broke right now. I’ve used almost all of my savings lately to pay bills and groceries because work has been absolute shit. My school commitments have kept me so busy that I’m working most Tuesdays and every other weekend.

I work in a small club… if every night was a decent night that would be fine. But it hasn’t been lately. Shit the weekend before Halloween was my worst weekend ever. Lets just say even though its rude to talk about money I didn’t even clear 300… in a weekend! That’s worse than working a slow Monday night.

Thankfully this weekend is deer opener which where I live is practically a statewide holiday. I’m as close to a guaranteed weekend as you get in this industry. Things are going to look up, I know that it’s just kind of shitty right now.


  1. Sorry about ALL of that. Truly. Though as you say, hopefully things will start to look up…

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