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Hall of Shame

October 21, 2013

Hello all! I’ve noticed that lately that most of my posts have been about the bad customers. Well there is a reason for that. The bad ones are the out of the ordinary ones and therefore the most memorable ones. Plus lets be honest- they’re kinda fun to bitch about. So I thought for tonight we’d do a brief Hall of Shame!!!!!!! YAY!!!!


I admit dancers feet look great in our heels but still.

I admit dancers feet look great in our heels but still.

Ok I don’t mind foot fetish guys. What ever floats your boat and all that jazz. Plus I have no problem letting someone pay me to rub MY feet. This one though… yeah don’t come near me. He’s the guy that thinks its ok to start a conversation by showing me photo’s he took of a couple having sex on a beach. Apparently he found them while hiking naked… and took pictures. He also thinks he can do the creepy shoulder touch. Yeah no don’t come near me.


This military man couldn't handle the truth.

This military man couldn’t handle the truth.

So I had a retired chief master sergeant the other week. We went back for a lap dance and the first song went great. Second song he asked if he could touch my breasts. Guess what I said? I said no, I don’t really like having my breasts touched. He tried to touch them anyway saying “come on now baby” I moved his hands and told him again no he couldn’t do that. He tried again. I told him again that sorry I didn’t want my breasts touched. HE TRIED AGAIN! So I told him that at that point he was sexually assaulting me and that since we were only thirty seconds into the second song we could stop and I’d only charge him the twenty. Or if he stopped we could continue. He elected to stop. Apparently in the military no really means sir yes sir.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

So this was actually last night. A guy comes up to me waving a twenty-dollar bill asking for a dance. He was rude off the bat so I should have known, but it was the end the of the night and I decided what the hell its money in my purse. He paid me in advance. About twenty seconds into the song he says “Damn I’d love to beat that fucking pussy so hard.” He was talking about MY pussy here. I stood up grabbed my dress and told him that he couldn’t say that to me. It was inappropriate and not allowed and that we were done with our dance. He apologized and walked out. Like I said he paid in advanced.

So the question is why have I never had any of these guys kicked out? It’s not up to me to set limits for other girls is one. The second one is I hope that they learn their lesson and fix their shit. That being said my patience only goes so far. Push me more than once the douche bag will be a banned douche bag.


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