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Strip Clubs Do’s and Don’ts

August 22, 2013

So, as we’ve already talked about rude people at the strip club, rude managers, idiots in general let’s talk about manners. Manners are good.

In fact, I have an idea about manners and etiquette. They should teach strip club etiquette as a class, or just how to be a decent human being in general as a class- either/or.

Alas there is no such class so instead I’ll just write a blog post about what to do/not to do in a strip club.

It's easy, smiley face good, frowny face bad.

It’s easy, smiley face good, frowny face bad.

DO~ Do tip. Why should you tip? Well let me put it this way. I’M AT MY JOB! I’m not saying tip every single girl but in your time at the club please go to the stage at least once or twice and toss a couple of bucks for the dancer girl giving you a show. She’s at work. Remember the golden strip club rule- if you wanna play, you gotta pay. Free show’s don’t pay anyone’s rent. Especially not mine.

DON’T~ Do not for any reason sit your ass at the bar all night drinking beers, chatting to girls, not tipping and refusing dances with a sly sarcastic “I don’t do that.” Honey you are not fooling anyone. We know you are watching all the girls thinking pervy thoughts. That’s fine. That’s half the point of the strip club. It’s an asshole move to sit there for free. Seriously, we’re at work- this is our job. Do not do that “I don’t get dances” line and also refuse to tip. See above note- free shows equal no rent money.

~EXCEPTION~ Some married guys have deals with their wives that they won’t get lap dances. That is totally cool, and man, I respect you for not crossing any lines you and the Mrs. have set. Still make sure you go up and throw a buck or two on stage for at least a couple of dancers.

DO~ If you and your partner want to come in the club GREAT! But first have an honest and frank discussion with your partners to make sure you are both comfortable going into a strip club together. Talk about what your ok with. Are you going to have a few drinks, tip and leave? Do you want to maybe grab a lap dance for the Mrs.? If so, is she comfortable with it? Does he want to watch? If so, realize that you will most likely have to pay for him to watch also.

DON’T~ Ladies~ Don’t get bitchy. If you walk into the club and realize that you are not comfortable with the idea anymore, communicate this to your partner. Do not get bitchy and mean to the dancers. We are doing our job. Our job exists because people want it to exist. And please, women, realize this: I do not want your man. AT ALL. You see your man for the kind, awesome, wonderful person he is. I see a wallet that is going to help me pay next months rent. That doesn’t mean I wont enjoy his company- I just don’t want to share his bed. At all.

~Gents~ For God’s sake do not go out of your way to make your wife/girlfriend/date/happy-naked-fun-time-partner/female person you’re with uncomfortable. It makes it a bad experience and she won’t want to come back and all the fun you imagined is ruined. Basically, don’t be jerk face. No one likes a jerk face.

DO~ Be respectful. This should be common sense, but if you wouldn’t say it to me in the “real” world, don’t say it to me in the club. Aside from just plain old manners, remember I can have you thrown out so fast the door doesn’t have a chance to hit you on the ass.

DON’T~ Throw a dollar on the stage and expect to be able to touch me. Don’t get mad if I decide a crumpled one dollar bill isn’t enough to make me rub my tits in your face. Don’t be rude to the dancers, bartender, bouncers. Yes ,we are here to make your time pleasant but honey, you’re not the only guy in here in money. If you’re an asshole you better be flashing and spending hundred-dollar bills or girls are going to decide you are not worth their time.  Hell, I’m one of the ones who will even tell you to fuck off.

Those are the main basics. It boils down to one main point. DO NOT BE A ARROGANT, ANNOYING ASSHOLE. If you are nice and respectful I will do everything in my power to make sure you enjoy yourself. Act like an ass, and I will do my best to make you miserable. Coming to a strip club can be lots of fun for all parties involved, but its up to you the patron to meet us half way.

As a parting gift, I leave you this youtube video. It is doubly hilarious because I have heard all of these.

  1. This is a really valuable post and manner is vital point sometime we seen due to some bad people we are not able to enjoy the party.

  2. Why would my husband become rude to the dancers when I arrive? We have gone together before and had fun. I enjoy the exp and am a big tipper and so is he. We have laughed at the poor men who marry women that forbid strip clubs. No trust, don’t marry him. The last time we went, my husband went before me. I arrived an hr later n he started to act rude to the dancers. And it felt as though I was the trigger. Like he wanted me embarrassed n to leave or he thought I believed he was repulsed by these women. Instead I was angry he disrespected anybody who is tryn to me a living n has courage to stand naked and tolerate his rude ass. I tipped all his money and took him home, I just want to know if I did this or is he guilty of something else and my trust made me blind

    • Obviously I dont know your husband but I doubt your trust has made you blind.

      I see this sometime. My best guess is that for whatever reason your husband felt uncomfortable. Maybe it was because the dynamics between going alone and going with a partner changed b/c you arrived later I have no clue.

      Talk to him. Communication is key. Tell him why you were pissed and ask why he acted that way.

      By the way- awesome response. I definitely approve.

  3. Thanks for the Re-blog! I love your page!

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