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Stripper Tips #1

August 5, 2013

Stripper Tip #1

All those singles you collect? It can be tempting to cash them out in larger bills.



Why shouldn’t you? After all one’s are a pain in the ass to deal with. They take up lots of space and it’s just awkward to pay for things in single dollar bills.

Here’s the trick. Don’t spend them. Save them. Count them up and put them into rolls of 50 or 100 and stick them in a safe place. This helps you out in several ways. Its forces you to live off just the lap dance money. The big bills. You want to push for more dances because that’s the money you live off of. Also the one’s stack up. Soon you have a couple hundred sitting around. These are great if you want to do something special for yourself with out hurting your budget. Or say your car breaks down and you don’t have the cash? Cash in your one’s and you can pay for it.

Saving your singles builds you an extra safety net that might save your ass someday.

  1. kiara8921 permalink

    i have been wondering about this since i read about you buying groceries with ‘small bills’ how many singles can you give someone before they look at you sideways?
    I work in a store (if you don’t know) we get a lot of waitresses that give us small bills, but not huge amounts because they have to provide their own change. so on the odd occasion we get a very pretty young lady buying $300 worth of heels and clothes we kinda look at each other like, ummm yeah….
    have you ever gotten weird looks when you spend a lot of singles all at once, or do you cash them in for larger bills before you treat yourself or pay for emergencies.

    • I can usually get away with quite a bit by saying I’m a bartender if it’s somewhere I don’t want to “out” myself. But yes I have gotten very very very odd looks. I don’t usually care money is money and one’s spend the same as twenties.

      I will sometimes trade them in if its a planned shopping spree or deposit them but if push comes to shove I will count out two hundred in ones to get my car fixed. Hell I’ve considered offering a trade, you fix my car and I pay you in lap dances… One day I might just try that.

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