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At the End of the Day

July 29, 2013

Lets take a break from talking about stripping and talk Les Mis. Does anyone else here love this movie? I do! I should be ashamed at how many times I’ve watched this movie. I’m not- but I should be. Because this is an amazing movie. Sure maybe they could have found a better Javert although I thought Russell Crowe acted amazingly, I can forgive him for the poorish singing in this case. Personally I thought his suicide scene was breath taking.

Les Mis... GAHHHHH


There were a few other things that I can complain about but I’m not really going to.

Because I want to talk about Eponine.

Eponine, enough said

Eponine, enough said

Sure Cossette was the main girl but lets take a moment to look at this. Cossette had her purpose. She represented how innocence can survive and be protected and all that fun stuff. But look at Eponine.

She loved Marius. She didn’t just see him one day and go wow he’s cute I might like him a bit. ~Falls in love boom~  No Eponine knew Marius. Knew what he believed in, knew about his grandfather and loved him. Look at what she had for parents and she managed to turn out to be a decent human.

Lets start a revolution

Lets start a revolution

Not only did she love Marius she supported him. Damn it she got shot for him. She carried messages for him to another girl. She’s a strong woman. That’s hard to do. Stand by the man you idolize and love while he runs off and woo’s the pretty blonde. Even worse when you knew that pretty blonde when you were kids.

Scumbag Marius

Scumbag Marius

I mean seriously what else does Cossette do but sit and be pretty and innocent?

Eponine is beautiful and tragic and strong.

She realizes she will never have what she wants, that life dealt her a shit hand and she did something. She fought in the barricades, she protected what she loved with her life. She knew he didn’t love her, not in the same way. She still protected him because what else could she do at that point.

Lets take a moment for that to sink in.

While you let it sink in a Les Mis/Disney mashup

While you let it sink in a Les Mis/Disney mashup

Obviously Eponine is the shit and I am not ashamed to admit that I cried at least once during her songs On My Own and A Little Fall of Rain. Because holy fuck powerful!

We can move from the topic of Eponine for a bit. Even though I could write a few more pages about her no problem. Lets talk about Anne Hathaway.


Her portrayal of Fantine deserves every award in the book. She took the betrayal, anger and bitterness of the character and embodied them and made her beautiful. Her comforting Valjean in the end/finale also made me tear up a bit. Goose bumps. Her last lines in the song Lovely Ladies showed her character more than any role I’ve seen her play. Moving from that in to I Dreamed a Dream… AHHHHHLK:SLDSHDFLJSDSLDJFL fan girl moment.

Now I have much more to say about the movie. Most of it good. Gavroche for one deserves an entire post to himself alone but I think I’ll leave it here for now. Anything more would be to much awesome to absorb in one day.

Grumpy Javert

Grumpy Javert


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  1. emeraldjewelsparkle permalink

    I totally agreee with you. I liked Anne’s Fantine but Eponine was just outstanding and is a much more interesting character. She is so easily overlooked unless you really think about her charater and when you take the time to consider her life and everything she has been through it brings you to tears thinking that she gave her life for her beliefs and unrequited love. Its a great movie.

  2. It’s an amazing movie. Eponine to me is one of the most developed and interesting characters. Needless to say I cried several times when i watched it the first time… and the second… and maybe the third.

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