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Aches and Pains

July 22, 2013

I’ve been dancing again for about two weeks now and I am reminded of something that I forgot during my over sea’s trip.

Dancing is fucking hard on the body. Really fucking hard. I’m using muscles that I forgot existed or at least haven’t been worked out in a long time. Where I used to be able to work three, four days in a row with out complaint I now work two nights and wanna stay in bed all day and not move.

I’m young! I’m twenty for God’s sake. My body should not feel like its been assaulted by sledge hammers for hours on end. Yet I guarantee by the end of the night that’s exactly how I feel.

Not to mention I’m still getting used to dancing on stages again. Every morning I wake up and find a new bruise. A discolored section of skin that comes as the result of a small slip that causes part of my body to strike the stage instead of sliding gracefully.

I’m sore. Right now it’s late Sunday, entering the early hours of Monday morning and I am sore. My shoulders hurt from climbing the pole, my thighs ache from walking in heels all day and my face is stuck in a permanent flirty smile. I’m having one of those curl in bed and do nothing but read all night kinda moments.

Thing is though, I had a pretty awesome weekend.

Friday was great, I hustled and damn it paid off. On the whole my customers were awesome. They were clean clothed, kept up with personal hygiene, funny and could string ten words together in a coherent sentence. On top of that my stage sets just felt amazing. I was on all night. I don’t know how else to describe the feeling. It basically added up to stripper nirvana. The cash flow said the same thing. It wasn’t my best night ever but it was my best night since starting dancing again.

Saturday moved a bit differently. Right now the street in front of Babydolls is torn up by construction making the club a bitch and a half to get to. Saturday found the club dead. I managed to get a few dances out of a nice guy at the beginning of the night and then nothing.

By 10pm my choices were whittled down to trying to get the slightly creepy old guy to buy dances or the really fucking perverted guy to buy dances. I went and chatted with the door guy. Thank god it picked up or this blog would be singing a different tune.

Come Sunday morning my body refused to co-operate anymore. It demanded a break. So I listened. I counted up the weekend’s earnings and set aside the 20% for taxes and relaxed. I decided to give my body a break and take the first days of the week off. I didn’t get any days at the Weeping Jewel this week and Babydolls has a tendency to be very dead Tues/Weds.

My body is demanding a short break and I say why not give it to her.


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  1. You need a massage… I understand the amount of work it is to do that dancing and I am impressed with all that do it. Keep smiling and take care of that body. 😉

  2. wishuy permalink

    I agree with the above comment, you definately need a massage (by a hot massuese). Used your perfume in the hair trick on the weekend whilst clubbing, worked a treat. Didn’t smell as smokey as usual.

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