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Stripped Bare

July 11, 2013

Last night was a pretty big night for me. Depending on how you came to find this blog you might know that recently I took a six-month break from dancing. I was living in Guatemala as a volunteer while taking a semester off school. I came back to the USA Friday. Yesterday was my first night back to work.


The USA flag alongside the Guatemala flag

I decided to check out a different club closer to where I now live. I’d known about this particular club before but never danced there. Why? It’s a full nude club and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. I decided to dance there this time because the club its a bit higher end of a club and I figured what the hell might as well try it out.

I went into the club the day after I got back to the States to talk to the manager. He told me to come in early Tuesday night to go over rules and to bring at least three out fits.

Remember how I talked about knee’s knocking and being flat out terrified for my first night? Well it was about the same this time.

I’d never danced full nude before. I’d danced in skimpy ass thongs but never full nude. I’ve always thought that vaginas look funny and why the hell would anyone just want to stare at one. I feel the same way about the penis. Genitals are great and do lots of fun things, I just done want to stare at it.

Now this next bit is going to be a little bit intimate, feel free to skip.

So I’d always just saved my pubic hair. Hit the bikini line and anything my thong wont cover and trim the rest. I’ll be honest, I’m kinda lazy about it. I don’t really care what it looks like down there as long as hair is not creeping out of my thong. In a topless only club that works pretty well because the customer isn’t going to see anymore then that anyway. Well they’d see it all this time as I was going to be dancing at a full nude place.

What did I do?

While visiting family at my parent’s lake cabin I dragged my friend who happens to be my roommate to a salon in the small town we were in and asked if they did Brazilian or bikini waxing. They did offer this service and just happened to have an opening for a walk in.

Weapons of torture

Weapons of torture

Holy fucking God OUCH!

Why the hell do women do that to themselves? Why? Dear God who the hell thought that pouring warm/hot wax and ripping hair out of your pussy was a good idea? And when you start out you have to do it every two weeks!!!! What the fuck!


Although I will say it made me much more comfortable for my first night of work and I’ll probably end up doing it again. But still, WHY????

After that only a thousand and one other little things existed that I had to do. My dance bag had been stored in a friends closet for the past six months. My outfits may have been stored in Ziploc bags but still after six months they need to be cleaned. Our new place doesn’t have free laundry. Nor does our washer have an ultra delicate cycle. What do I do?

I wash my cloths in the bathtub.

Add to that I had to buy new shoes, as I sold my old ones before I left. Plus I cut my hair for the first time in months. Let me just say- best hair cut of my life. My stylist was amazing and funny and really good at her job. So shout out to her.

So now I was ready for work.

Every club has its own rules. Do’s and Don’ts so to speak. This club was no different. Stage sets are fifteen minutes long starting and ending on the quarter hour.

The longest I’ve ever been on stage is three songs. I had no idea what the fuck I was going to be doing up there for fifteen minutes. I’m still not quite sure and I already worked a night.

The rules for being fully nude are pretty clear-cut, must be fully nude for the last 3-4 minutes of your set. No spreading your legs and giving a peep show so your pretty much stuck to swaying and doing spins. I think its weird but what the hell.

We’re going to call this club the Weeping Jewel for this blog to help keep things straight. I love random bar name generators on the Internet.

It was an interesting night for me. I’ll write more about the particular club later but for now, suffice to say rewetting my toes in the dance world wound up working out very well for me. I made more at the Weeping Jewel than I ever did on a weeknight at Babydolls. That being said I’ll still be working both clubs now. That way my face doesn’t get old at one particular club to quickly.

This morning I woke up SORE. My body protested the very idea of getting out of bed much less hauling my ass out to run. Even though I’d stayed in decent shape during my six-month hiatus my body was not so forgiving. Still I managed to not only go for my run today but eat healthy also. I’ve booked Friday and Saturday at Babydolls and will hopefully have a few nights at the Weeping Jewel next week.

Wish me luck! I’ll be posting twice a week now so look for posts Wednesday’s and Sundays! Don’t forget you can follow me on twitter @not_one_story


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  1. emeraldjewelsparkle permalink

    Kudos to you for getting up on stage nude. I have no problem with a dancer showing her body but i know not everyone would have the guts to be able to do it. Our society puts so much shit in womens heads about body image that even the most beautiful,fit women would often find their own nakedness something to be hidden away. Im glad you have a good enough relationship with your own body to go out there and do full nude. Im so glad you had a good night, but damn, its going to be a bitch keeping up with those waxing appointments 😉

    • I’m not excited about the waxing to say the least… Either way you’re right about society. I have days when my body and I don’t like each other as much as we should but on the whole we’ve come to an agreement about it. Having a good night didn’t hurt either.

  2. wishuy permalink

    Ouch to the waxing. Good on you for going to Weeping Jewel (love the name). Enjoy your time.

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