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Fun Body Image Stuff

June 27, 2013

Recently I was wandering around wordpress and I found an awesome blog. Has anyone else been reading Fit and Feminist? If you haven’t you can click here and check it out. There are some really great posts there. Basically they talk about what the title says. Being Fit and Feminist. The post that caught my attention was called What happens when the pursuits of “skinny” and “strong” collide?. You can read it by clicking on the title. 

I considered quoting almost the entire post word for word because it was so awesome but that my friends is often considered a form of plagiarism. Which is bad. So instead I’ve written some of my own thoughts about impossible body images and how it relates to the dancing world.

We’ve all heard (or at least most of us have heard) the new philosophy- strong is the new skinny. Well the raging feminist and lover of men and women in me is fist pumping this into the air as much as I can. Strong women/men? Mega hot. Don’t have to be perfectly toned but strength is hot. The dancer in me is annoyed that it isn’t being embraced as fast or as well as it could be.

There are a thousand and ten different ideas and opinions about beauty shoved at me everyday by customers, usually in a negative way.

“Have you thought about a boob job?”

“Why don’t you wear more makeup, your eyes would be pretty with (insert color here).”

“You’re hot but you’d be much hotter if you toned up your stomach.”

“Have you ever tried going redhead, redheads are hot.”

Look a redhead! More importantly how does she do that eyebrow thing?

Look a redhead! More importantly how does she do that eyebrow thing?

“Why did you get that tattoo? Its kinda big.”

“Damn I totally would get a dance from you if your tit wasn’t pierced.”

“You’re too muscled to be feminine.”

Now I get that I’m not going to be every guy’s type. I don’t expect to be. Every guy/girl isn’t my type after all. As stated before I love my body. I run to be healthy not to be skinny and because in my job you need stamina. Sweaty out of breath stripper? Not that sexy most of the time. I work out because I’m ROTC, I like being strong and to do pole tricks you have to be. But I get tired of a thousand different ideas and beauty pressuring me from every side. Telling me to change to make more cash.

That I hate.

I’m slim but nothing short of an act of God is going to give me a thigh gap. Plus I think they’re weird. Nothing against girls who naturally have skinny thighs but I’d look very odd with a thigh gap. I don’t have the hips for it.

My boobs are small, they have always been small and until I get knocked up they will always be small. I’ve thought about a boob job. I’m willing to bet that every stripper has. Even the ones with naturally large breasts have probably thought about a firm and lift. It’s even a tax write off for the job. If it wasn’t for the pressure from customers I never would have thought of one though. In general I love my tiny tits.

She didn't have a boob job either, although she did get pregnant.

She didn’t have a boob job either, although she did get pregnant.

I don’t expect every customer to be attracted to me. I don’t want every single one to be. Frankly I don’t care if I’m not your poison that night. Trust me, I’m going to be somebody’s poison and they are going to be willing to pay.

What I do care about is how you tell that to me. If you are polite and refuse a dance that’s fine, there are three other guys in the bar who will say yes. If you say no and feel compelled to list every single reason as to why I’m not your type and proceed to tell me how to change myself to be your type I get annoyed.

Say no nicely and ask about another girl who is more your type. I wont get upset, I’ll even call her over. Don’t go over my body with a fine tooth comb picking at every single detail. I’m not perfect but trust me honey if you didn’t have a wallet full of twenties I wouldn’t be trying to flirt with your balding beer gutted ass.

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  1. Aphrodite permalink

    I have small breasts too. My body type is on the athletic side, too.
    But I can imagine, that for your job, it’s even more important.
    Although I’ve noticed some pretty rude things are being said, while reading your post.

    • It’s not actually all that important generally. Additude is worth 3x a double D cup any day of the week- you just get the occasional ass hole at times. It’s annoying but every job has annoying bits to it.

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