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Small Town Stripper In Disguise

June 20, 2013

So today my mom asked me why I didn’t have twitter. I almost forgot myself and said I did… Last minute I remembered why I have twitter. I have it to connect with other bloggers and other writers. I talk about being a stripper on my twitter, I connect this blog to my twitter.

My parents have no idea I’m a stripper. None. At all. I also have every intention of keeping it that way.

There are some things a parnent does not need to know about their child. I’m filing this under that category. My logic on this one falls along the lines that if my parents don’t need to be informed about my sex life they don’t need to be informed about my job in the sex industry.

I actually think my logic makes sense here. It’s a rare thing I admit but I try to do it every once in a while. It keeps the people who know me on their toes.

I already came out as bisexual to my parents. That was hard enough for them. (Although I thought it was pretty obvious. My blonde Barbie dated my brunette Barbie while Ariel Barbie dated Ken. How many clues do you need?) I don’t think they could handle it if I came out as a stripper also.

The symbol for Bisexuality. Or one of many, this is just my favorite.

The symbol for Bisexuality. Or one of many, this is just my favorite.

I’m not saying my parents don’t love me. Even when they were dealing with the whole “my daughter might not have the wedding/marriage/hetero family we always expected for her and how did we not see this coming and is it somehow our fault” thing they never once made me feel unloved.

They did both however ask if maybe I just needed to get laid. My mother directly to me and my father to my mother. I told her not to worry that already happened. My mother asked if it was with a man with a penis. I said yes. That is the most I ever want to talk to my parents about my sex life. I couldn’t look my father in the eyes for weeks because I was convinced my mother told him his (at the time) 19-year-old daughter had been doing the horizontal tango.

Hell now that I’m thinking about it I wont be able to look him in the eye for another week or more.

The closest anyone in my family knows that I’m a stripper is that I told my brother I bartend in a strip club. I wanted an easy way to talk my way out of anything if it got out I danced. My parents are under the handy illusion that I work at a dive bar under the table like. It explains the large deposit of ones I had to cash last time I visited home and how I now only use cash for everything. Even big things like rent.

This little white lie leaves everyone happy and my parents not having to deal with whispers about bad parenting while they check out groceries.

I’ve already said I’m from a small town but I don’t know how many people reading this blog actually know what that means. It means that certain stereotypes are held as laws and people’s kids are scrutinized over and over again for vindictive pleasure. I want to save my parents from that.

So my town was a little bigger than this... barely.

So my town was a little bigger than this… barely.

And myself from the disappointment I know I’d find.

I’m not even out as bi to most people in my hometown. My sister is a lot younger than me. If some of her friend’s parents knew about my sexuality they would stop letting their kids come over to play. Imagine what they’d do with the stripper info?

I wasn’t one of the golden children but I wasn’t the bad kid either. Sure my grades weren’t perfect but I never got into big trouble. Never got knocked up, barely dated, didn’t shoplift or set buildings on fire. I was never the gossip whispered behind hands at church.

“Did you hear about so and so’s kid? They were caught (insert scandalous thing here)”

That was never said about me. My parents never had to hear that that and I don’t want them to. They might have to in the future about my sexuality so why pile on the small town shame?

I personally have no shame about being a stripper. It’s a job I’m very good at and enjoy doing. That doesn’t mean that I think everyone else will be so open-minded. So unless I decided to get a hard-to-explain-away boob job my folks will stay in the dark.

P.S. My twitter is @not_one_story, feel free to check me out!


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  1. emeraldjewelsparkle permalink

    I agree with your reasoning. Once we are adults our lives are our own and in all truth you are probably keeping quiet for their benefit more than yours. Small towns can be a hard place to be when you are the chosen piece of juicy gossip so why would you put yourself through that. I love the way your telling your story and i think its very brave.

    • I’m not sure if I’m being brave. I’m still keeping myself anonymous by using my stage name. But you are right, it is more for my parents sake. I don’t care what others think of me. I dont live in my hometown anymore but my parents and my grandparents do. It’d be hurtful for them to hear what others say.

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