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My First Night

June 16, 2013

I’ll never forget my first time on stage or my first night at the club. How can you forget something so terrifying yet completely thrilling? Someone asked me how I had the courage to climb on stage the first time. I don’t think I had courage per say. I think I was just god damn stubborn. I said I’d stay the night and damit I was dressed so I had to do it now. I never said my thought process made sense.

I hadn’t expected to dance that night. I expected to come in, talk to the owner, maybe stick around and watch for a bit and slink away to make a logically informed decision in the safety of my home. Make another pro/con list and talk it over with a friend. Instead I wound up in my thong, frilled panties, my strapless bra and a cropped v-neck half tee shirt. And my nice-girl two inch heels. Ok one and a half inch heels, don’t forget those.

The shoes I wore my first night. I bought them at Debs

The shoes I wore my first night. I bought them at Debs

The girl who borrowed me the panties and shirt thing helped me navigate the jukebox to pick two songs for my first stage set. At Babydolls, dancers dance stage sets of two songs a set. I chose country.

Yep my first ever stage set in a strip club was to country music.

It was music I recognized and music I was comfortable with.

I danced my first song to Luke Bryan's Country Girl Shake It For Me. Don't blame me- he's pretty.

I danced my first song to Luke Bryan’s Country Girl Shake It For Me. Don’t blame me- he’s pretty.

I still can feel myself shaking in my heels.

I’d never felt more naked in my life. My two piece swimsuit covered more than the outfit I was wearing did but the knowledge of the fact I was going to be showing my breasts to strange men… well lets say my swim suit covered those. The clock just clicked over to about seven when I began the short three stair accent to the stage. Still very early in strip club time. The only patrons surrounding the stage were one average Joe looking guy, an elderly gentleman and three Hispanic men.

Maya, the girl who helped me with the juke box and my cloths told me that the group of three hadn’t tipped a penny all night and I didn’t have to dance for them if I didn’t want to. I must have looked confused because she explained a dancer could ease herself off stage to dance in the lap of a customer if she wanted. I nodded pretending I understood. I figured if I could make it through my first stage set I’d be able to sit back and watch the other girls and figure things out.

I tottered onto the stage my knee’s shaking visibly not having a clue what to do.  I even managed to trip in one inch heels. I didn’t fall but I tripped. I did my best to ignore the group of three that only heckled and tried to focus on the two others. Maya sat next to the elderly man-a regular I found out- and pepped talked me though the set. I pulled out a few things from my high school gymnastics days and managed to make it though the two songs.

I’ve never been so terrified in my life. I can’t say that enough.

I made thirteen bucks in seven minutes. More than I made in an hour at my day job. I took off my top and my bra for men I’d never met before and had no intentions of sleeping with. It was a rush that I honestly cant find the words to explain. If I could make thirteen bucks in seven minutes when I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing what could I do with a bit more experience?

I stuck the night out. Three batcholor parties came in looking to spend money and it was a Friday night. My first night I made over 550 bucks. I flirted, I danced and I had fun while making bank.

Let me put what I made into prospective. At my “respectable” job I worked that pay period for sixty four hours. I made nine bucks an hour. Before taxes my check was 576. I made more in one night than I did in two weeks. In one night I made my rent, utilities and part of my groceries.

Yay being independent and trying to make it in college as on your own as possible.

Yay being independent and trying to make it in college as on your own as possible.

Now some might say I made easy money. It wasn’t easy. Not even close. The next morning I could barely get out of bed I was so sore. Almost my entire back had a bruise from a back roll to splits done wrong. That was just my body. My mind was exhausted from trying to learn everything while trying to make money.

My first night was many things but easy wasn’t one of them. I asked stupid questions I made mistakes. I actually said I could just stick my money in my bra. Which if my bra wasn’t coming off would have made sense.

The day after my first night I bought a safe from and some more lingerie from a different site. My choice was made. I officially became a stripper. Maybe it should have been a harder choice, it wasn’t. I enjoyed myself the night before. I had fun. I’d forgotten what it was like to enjoy yourself and make money. Either way my choice was made.

To bad I had family vacation right after that. Try explaining a softball size bruise in the center of your back… to your mother who teaches second grade.


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  1. wishuy permalink

    Very interesting to read of your first night at work. You sure have guts to jump straight into it but then maybe if you had done your list you might not of gone back. Bravo.

  2. emeraldjewelsparkle permalink

    Im so glad i found your blog because you tell it how it is and its very interesting. Your story is very different from the way i have always imagined things and i am glad you are opening up and telling us.

    • I’m also very happy you found it. 🙂 it lets me know a few people are reading it. I try to be completely honest here albeit behind the convince of my stage name.

  3. charlieemaria permalink

    Brilliantly written!
    I’m so glad there are more people posting about these things on here than just me! xoxo

    • I’m so glad you’re writing about it also! The more of us who share our stories the more of the truth we can toss into the very confusing mix of a job we’re in.

      • charlieemaria permalink

        I’ll try my best! It’s also lucky; I have the POV behind the bar and on top of it!

      • So far I only have the on top of it view but we’ll see where that goes!

      • charlieemaria permalink

        Well; we can never really 100% rely on those who work in the same clubs as us… However we can count on those on our blogs!! xoxo

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